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watch me turn 30

I launched watchmeturn30.com in February 2004, the winter I turned 29. The goal: To photograph myself daily and to, quite literally, watch myself turn 30. Along the way, I wrote about getting older, growing up and all of that good stuff.

Once my year was up, I passed the project on to another, and another... Tyra (as in Ms. Banks) even called about featuring the Watchme ladies on her show. We respectfully declined. (Very sadly, my entries were eaten by a bad hosting company. I have since learned a valuable lesson about archiving.)


Watch Holly

On July 17, 2006 I returned to the web for my next big project: having a baby. Here, I again took (almost) daily photos and wrote about my everyday experiences. The site brings readers from pre-bump belly to birth to expecting baby #2. Click the Random button to get a taste of the site.


watch me turn 40

A decade after WMT30 (gah!), I came back to the project with watchmeturn40.com, The goal was the same: To photograph myself daily leading up to the big 4-0. I also wrote about getting older and tackling this new period of, gasp, middle age. Again, click the Random button to get a feel for the site.