About ME

I’m a slipper-wearer; a Brooklyn-dweller; a New England native; a slow-cooker addict; a rescue dog owner; a dyslexia advocate; a motherless daughter; a cancer survivor; a mom to two human rascals; a writer, editor, and content creator.

I began my career as a reporter for my hometown newspaper, where I wrote about things like the state of strawberry season and renovations to the local putt-putt. I went on to be an editor at several glossies, including Self, Prevention, and Fitness magazines. After years of business casual and staff meetings, I packed it all in to work for myself. At home.

Today, I write about what interests me the most: parenting, pregnancy, health, nutrition, and family travel. I’ve kept pretty busy, too: I’ve worked as a contributing editor to Scholastic Parent & Child. I’ve been writing the family health column for First for Women since 2011. And I regularly contribute sponsored, social, and traditional content to brands, pubs, and websites such as The Bump, Everyday Health, and Fisher-Price. And during any given month, you can find my byline in the likes of EatingWell, Parents, Weight Watchers, and others.

Want more? You can check out my résumé, too.